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Upcoming events

March 3 Yoga for Cancer.jpg

An afternoon of healing and relaxation for cancer survivors. After a gentle yoga class from 1-2 pm, immerse yourself in the transformative experience of a sound bath and yoga nidra from 2-3 pm, guided by the Yoga Bro Corey Happel.

Experience the transformative power of sound healing with Corey's carefully curated instruments like drums, gongs, and crystal bowls. Let the soothing vibrations wash over you, calming both mind and body while activating self-healing on a profound level. Recline comfortably and allow the gentle waves of sound to harmonize your nervous system, offering release and relief. Don't miss this chance for holistic rejuvenation and inner balance.

This class is pay-what-you-wish, and pre-registration is required.

Immerse yourself in "Breathful Movement,” a dynamic fusion workshop that integrates Vinyasa yoga's foundational principles with the expressive artistry of contemporary dance.

Begin with a gentle warm-up, transitioning into a breathful yoga flow synchronized with both music and breath. Explore grounded and expressive contemporary dance elements; embracing freedom of expression, fluidity, and improvisation, elevating the yoga practice itself. Participants are encouraged to infuse these elements into their yoga practice, fostering creativity and individual interpretation within the flow.

Open to all levels, this class enhances flexibility, strength, and mindfulness while creating a vibrant community through the transformative power of movement.

...Where the Yoga community gathers for a magical day every Spring.

Bucks Co Yoga Festival.jpg

Tickets are required to attend an all-access day of classes & workshops, but the Artisan Market is free to attend.

Ticket sales start on the lookout for a discount code!

Join us at the beautiful Silver Lake Nature Center for a day of classes, workshops, and an artisan market.

Join me in Springdale Utah, just outside Zion National Park for 4 days of bliss to heal body, mind, & soul.


Find connection with self and others, experience incredible classes, make new friendships, find healing, enjoy lectures, vendors, and more.  Learn from dozens of specialized teachers in 50+ different class offerings.

Use code: kristinleung for 10% off your tickets!

If you are interested in scheduling an event, please contact me at

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