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“I never considered myself a 'yoga' person until my experience with Kristin. I went into the class thinking I would get nothing out of it- really just hoping to make it through. Was I wrong! It was truly a life changing moment. Kristin leads the class in a way that makes everyone, regardless of their skill level, feel comfortable. She is incredibly calming, while also challenging her students to push themselves. As far as building my Zen, an absolute 10! In addition, she has inspired me to continue yoga, and to truly better myself!”

Nancy G, Mixed Level Yoga Flow

"Kristin is an awesome instructor! Her classes are always engaging, and I look forward to them every week. I love how she will provide different options for stretches in order to accommodate students of all ability levels. I've found myself taking more time to stretch throughout the week as a result of these classes."

Clara P, Full Body Stretch

“Kristin is competent and professional, yet personable and encouraging ... her method of teaching is motivating.  I enjoyed being challenged by her, she is great at accepting her students at their individual fitness level and she offers more intense options. The shape and strength of my body definitely improved while taking Kristin’s classes! 

Her classes are never boring, she changes the routines from class to class to keep us challenged and to work out different areas of our bodies ... I wholeheartedly recommend Kristin Leung and would love to have her as my teacher again!”

Angella S, Yoga Barre

“ … I really enjoy Kristin's classes. She is welcoming of all levels present ... we work on ourselves without feeling judged ... She creates a warm, positive environment while being genuine as she guides us through yoga ... You leave feeling positive, calm, relaxed and released (physically and spiritually) ... I get so much out of her classes- physically and mentally. Kristin is challenging as well as accommodating for your needs on that day. She encourages you and she's always teaching me something new. Her experience and knowledge is amazing and I always look forward to her class knowing I will leave feeling my best.”

Tamara F, Mixed Level Yoga Flow 
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