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My journey with Livestrong started in 2011 when I became a certified Livestrong at the YMCA instructor. Working closely with survivors, and guiding them through their fitness and wellness journey, I witnessed firsthand their remarkable courage and resilience. This experience was pivotal, inspiring me to dedicate my volunteer work to supporting the cancer community.

In 2014, I took on the role of a volunteer Leader with Livestrong. As a representative, I focus on community education, fundraising, and advocacy. Concurrently, I also became a Livestrong at the YMCA Instructor Trainer, enabling me to train and certify new instructors. This experience has provided me with firsthand insight into Livestrong's impact and support for those going through a cancer journey.

Kristin and Ravi at 2022 Livestrong Challenge

Completing the Mindful Yoga for Cancer Training at Duke Integrative Medicine in 2017 was another transformative experience, and expanded my understanding of holistic wellness practices for cancer survivors.

Coming from a scientific background, I was deeply impressed by evidence-based research showing the positive impact of these practices on the health, vitality, and quality of life of cancer survivors. This experience reinforced my belief that everyone, especially those facing the challenges of cancer, should have accessible wellness resources for a healthier, more balanced life.


I continue to work with and on behalf of cancer survivors and their families, sharing information about Livestrong's programs and services at local community events, organizing fundraisers and information sessions, and advocating at Capitol Hill during the annual One Voice Against Cancer Lobby Day. My dedication to the cancer community remains steadfast, driving me to advocate for their needs and support their well-being in whatever way I am able.

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